Personalized Music Searches

Whether your goal is to define a brand, penetrate a demographic or capture the flavor of a special cinematic moment with just the right music¦ there's a MasterRecs solution waiting for your discovery.

  • Music selection recommendations
  • Putting music to picture for you
  • Helping to clear copyrights when necessary
  • Total independent music supervision for budget projects

Custom Music

Some of the very same record producers, song writers and artists who deliver top charted hits for a diverse international audience operate and oversee the development of all MasterRecs "Custom projects. If you have a "special song that you'd like to adapt for your project¦ we can help you secure the rights for use and then make it "yours with just the right cover treatment.

  • Songs and Score Music composed by our award-winning composers and songwriters
  • Covers of hit songs done to project specifications


  • Would you love to have a Country version of James Brown's "I Got You sung by someone like Tim McGraw or Lee Brice¦We can do that!
  • Would you love to have a hot Indie Artist do a College Rock version of Garth Brooks' "I Got Friends In Low Places¦ We can do that!

Radio Station Packages

We've taken special pains to focus on the needs of broadcast media groups that do not have the resources to hire on-staff composers or production people. Master Recs can create the right sound that will add the professional edge, establishing your station's ability to dominate the market. Let us help you create a unique audio presence. Call Now¦615-838-0502

  • Station ID packages
  • Commercial Beds
  • Imaging
  • Sounders